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A Message from the President

Three months since our annual conference in St. Louis and ten months to our annual conference in Atlanta.

The Education Committee is already underway planning our 35th annual conference in Atlanta. The Committee is co-chaired by Eileen Garrity and Kris Botts. They are supported by members Eddy Emmons, Barry Lander, Sandi Brask, Ann Iannarelli, Joshua Wiker, Kristen Mahoney, Rich Marshall, Jeffrey Allstead and host court members Regina Thomas and Jason LeFevers. We look forward to updates on the upcoming conference soon.

I also wanted to share that Regina Thomas and I were honored to accompany 11 NCBJ judges on their September visit to various Senators, Members of Congress, and their staff. They also co-hosted with the Federal Judges Association and the Magistrate Judges Association, a reception to honor Members of Congress, Senators, and their respective staff. The purpose of the meetings was to share appreciation for the recent judiciary budgets and to reinforce relationships. I am very proud of this effort of our judges.

Besides our visit to Washington, Regina and I were also invited to attend the NCBJ Annual Conference in Chicago. While there, numerous judges stopped to express their thanks to NCBC and its members. Our relationship with NCBJ has strengthened over the years and I look forward to a continuing excellent working relationship with their organization. Judge Harwood (NH) shared an article he posted in the NCBJ newsletter about the two World’s Fairs held in Chicago I thought you might find interesting. I’ve asked Laura to include in our newsletter.

And speaking of Laura Whitehead, I share with you this is her last Impact as Editor. Laura has served as Editor for the last 3 years and on behalf of NCBC, I wish to thank her for her dedication and service to our organization. I also welcome and congratulate Jan Zari as our new Impact Editor.





Lee Ann Bennett

Latest News and Announcements

The 2014 Conference in St. Louis has ended.    Post Conference information will be posted shortly.


2014 NCBC Membership Awards will now be in electronic format that your court will be able to access and print out from our Website.


2014 Conference scholarship applications have been awarded.  Please check back after the new year for 2015 Scholarship offerings.




2014 Conference

The conference held in St. Louis, Mo. from July 15 - 18, 2014 has ended.  Please click below to view conference pictures and further information



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2015 Conference:  Our next conference will be held in Atlanta, Ga. from August 10 -13, 2015. Please check back later for further information.

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